Blog policy

Just a few quick words about some policies behind this blog.

If I mention a project, business, organisation, writer, book, individual or any other subject on this blog, please do not take this as an endorsement or advertisement. Any paid-for content on this site will always be clearly marked as sponsored, paid for, or will clearly be an advertisement.

I will aim to contact you (or your publisher or other representative) when writing in depth about your work, project, business or other significant subject, to let you know about its appearance on A book and a good lie down.

When reproducing images that are within copyright or are from photo libraries, I make every reasonable effort to seek copyright clearances for their use on this site and, where necessary, to pay for their use on this site.

I will also declare within a story, or at its end, my professional involvement (if any) with the subject of that story.

Unless otherwise indicated, all texts and pictures on this blog are © Theresa Willsteed.


Daisies. Photo: Theresa Willsteed, copyright 2013


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