A sky full of blue

It’s Anzac Day today, and here’s a postcard written in February 1915 in Cairo, 99 years ago.

I’ve had this card with me for years, and it’s lovely to share it with you now. I hope that George (the writer) and Elsie (the recipient) are smiling kindly, somewhere under a sky full of blue, at being remembered this way.

Here’s the front: the Bristol Hotel, Cairo, which opened in the late 19th century, and closed probably in the 1940s.

Postcard from George to Elsie, written in Cairo, 1915 (front)
Postcard from George to Elsie, written in Cairo, 1915 (front)

And here’s George’s message to Elsie, on the back.

Postcard from Cairo, 1915 - back
Postcard from Cairo, George’s message reads: 18.2.15 Dear Elsie, This is a new way to write a letter & a very quick one, I hope you won’t be annoyed. I didn’t get a letter from you this week, in fact I don’t think the mail came in again as none of our boys got letters, so I can’t blame you can I, I shall expect to get two next week, I haven’t had a letter from home for weeks I must write this mail & blow them up*. I am stuck for news this week will try to write a long letter next mail, Love from George [*tell them off]
George’s words to Elsie echo what we all write on postcards when we’re far from home and, at that very moment, can’t think what on earth to write about!

They also burn with his need to hear from his loved ones, his longing to know what they’re up to and that they’re thinking of him. It was a common theme with troops stationed so far away from home. Continue reading