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Theresa Willsteed, blogger


TW pic blog - about meI’m a web content officer, copywriter, editor and publishing project manager based in Sydney. I’ve always felt extremely fortunate in the jobs I work on and people I work with – many from amazing arts and cultural institutions in Australia and overseas, and the corporate, government, small business and not-for-profit sectors.

More in future posts! T


Daisies. Photo: Theresa Willsteed, © 2013.

2 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi Teresa

    It’s lovely to find you again after all these years. you have a wonderful writing style… and it’s great to follow your work, which i intend to do.

    I am contacting you also because I have just completed a second collection of short stories. I was wondering if you were interested in editing them but was struggling to find your e-mail address! I’m conscious you may have moved on – I sent an invite to you via LinkedIn and noticed that you’d changed jobs – and will not be offended if you are not interested or able to undertake this task. In any case, I thought of you first, as your feedback last time when you edited ‘Passing Thoughts Between Bus Stops’ was so constructive and helpful. It prompted me after all these years to contact you first.

    If you are unable to help me, do you have a friend or colleague whom you think would enjoy or welcome the task? No stress though if you can’t think of anyone!

    Best wishes and I hope this message find you well.

    Richard Cannane



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